L2 Demo!, +200 Integrations, TLD Auctions, Workshop Recap, and More

There’s been a lot going on in ENS-land since our last email update! Here’s a summary:

L2 Demo

We now have a working demo of our L2 system for scaling parts of ENS! You can watch a demo and find the code here. And here’s a Twitter thread with more context about how ENS is scaling this year in general.

+200 Integrations

Just hit a huge milestone for the project: ENS is now integrated in various ways in more than 200 services!

For ENS to be the most useful for users, it needs to be ubiquitous, and this is a big step toward that goal. We are grateful to the ecosystem for the support. A wide range of kinds of services are represented in these integrations, from wallets and browsers to defi dapps, NFT markets, and even DNS registrars.

As of this writing, the exact number is 205, and you can see a full list of the services on our website.

TLD Auctions on both DNS and ENS

The DNS company UNR owns 25 top-level domains on DNS. They are auctioning off 23 of them soon. They approached us and claimed these TLDs on ENS, so that whoever wins an auction will receive both the DNS and ENS versions of the TLD. TLDs on auction include .link, .lol, .audio, and more.

You can read more about the TLDs on ENS here, and about their auction here and here.

Options for DNS TLD owners

Do you own a TLD on DNS already? We’ve laid out your options of how to get involved in ENS.

Workshop Recap

We had a successful virtual workshop earlier this month! We had around 30 participants from both the Ethereum and DNS communities and discussed L2 work, governance, DNS namespace integration, and had some show & tell of people’s projects using ENS.

You can read a recap with videos here.

Gnosis Safe support for ENS

Do you manage a multisig with Gnosis Safe? New functionality in both their web app and the ENS Manager App together now enables Gnosis Safe multisigs to register and manage ENS names. Read more here.

Set up Reverse Resolution!

ENS has had reverse resolution for a while now (where a dapp can look up and display the ENS name associated with an Ethereum address), but our dev Makoto has been working to get more people to set it up and for more apps, particularly NFT marketplaces, to make use of it. Read more here.

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