ENS Workshop, layer 2 plans, NFT craze, finance report, and more

A lot has happened in the last two months since our last updates (here and here)! Here’s an update:

Upcoming ENS workshop - call for participation

We’re holding another online ENS workshop in about three weeks! ENS workshops are public “unconference-style” discussions about the current state and future of ENS. To keep discussions high quality, interested participants have to apply.

Topics: layer 2 scaling, DNS integration, governance, and more.

When: April 5th, 16:00 UTC

—> More info and form to apply here

Layer 2 plans

Ethereum network gas fees are high right now. We don’t like it, and we’re actively working to bring some relief to ENS users.

Nick and Brantly did a live-stream on Twitter explaining our plans for scaling ENS using layer 2s, and we also laid out our current plans in a Twitter thread.

Nick is working on a prototype of a system that would allow users to put records and subdomains on the layer 2 of their choice. We might use this same system to put the .ETH registrar itself on a layer 2 later this year.

NFT craze and ENS names

NFTs have exploded in popularity in the last few months. With NFTs, people usually think of art, collectibles, and game items. But there’s another category people often miss: ENS names.

All .ETH names on ENS are ERC721-compliant NFTs. So are DNS .KRED names on ENS and Decentraland names on ENS. This means they work in any NFT wallet, marketplace, dapp, or service.

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Want to make your legacy website a decentralized website with ENS and IPFS? Fleek makes it super easy.

We recently used it to mirror our Manager App on to IPFS (https://app.ens.eth.link/) and a wrote blog post explaining how you can do it too.

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Finance report

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a public good that belongs to the community. As such, we’d like to offer more transparency on where our funding comes from and where it’s going. This is the first of what we plan to be many regular financial updates.

Basically, we raised a good amount of ETH in 2019 and 2020 when the ETH price was low, kept it in ETH, and now have a good amount of funds at our disposal given the increase in the ETH price.

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KYC directory with Ever.eth

The project Everest announced they’re using the ENS name ever.eth to make a KYC directory.

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Integrations: 182

ENS is now integrated into 182 services! ENS has more integrations than several multiples of all other blockchain-based naming projects combined. You can see the full list in the ENS Ecosystem section of our homepage.

If your service already has ENS but isn’t listed, email us at brantly@ens.domains and we’ll add you ASAP.

If your service doesn’t have ENS yet but you’d like to add it (it’s pretty easy), see our docs.

If there’s a service you use that doesn’t have ENS yet and you wish it did, feel free to politely request they add it.

The Growing Decentralized Web

And the ENS+IPFS decentralized web keeps growing! Be sure to check out the decentralized web search engine / directory to start surfing: http://almonit.eth.link/#/discover/

And here’s all the ways you can access the decentralized web right now.

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