4th Anniv., Pplpleasr NFT, We're Hiring, Do You Have a Pre-Punks OG ENS Name?, and More

Earlier this week, May the 4th (be with you), marked four years since the launch of ENS!

May 2017 was the halycon days of $80 ETH, the early ICO boom, no defi, and no NFT standards. CryptoPunks wouldn't launch for another month.

ENS was just vickrey auctions for .ETH names, only for naming Ethereum address, and had no integrations yet.

Flash forward four years and it's amazing how far ENS has come: importing the DNS namespace, .ETH names have instant registrations, support for all cryptocurrency addresses, IPFS hashes, & text records. And +200 integrations, including browsers like Opera and Brave.

Pplpleasr NFT giveaway

To mark the occasion, we’ve commissioned a new NFT art piece from artist pplpleasr, and we’re going to give it away to ENS holders who meet certain criteria.

To enter, you must:

1) Set up your ENS reverse record (go to My Account at app.ens.domains)

2) Vote on SnapShot for your preferred number of editions of the new NFT.

The choices for the number of editions are 100 (given to 100 random people who fulfilled the two steps above, or unlimited (given to all people who fulfilled the two steps above).

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We’re hiring!

Given ENS’s huge growth in adoption in the last year, the growth of our treasury, and the enormous amount of work that needs to be done for ENS, we’re looking to expand our team!

The types of positions we’re looking for include Solidity developer, front-end developer, full-stack developer, governance lead, integrations lead, support lead, and community manager.

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The ENS of [insert non-Ethereum chain] is ENS

A common mistake people make is thinking ENS is just .ETH names for Ethereum addresses. This leads them to think that every chain needs its own copy of ENS for its native addresses and a TLD of its coin symbol. These projects fail for a number of reasons, one of which is that ENS already supports all crypto addresses and has names beyond .ETH.

In fact, ENS can and does support the entire blockchain community.

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Do you have a pre-Punks OG ENS name?

There’s been discussion recently on crypto Twitter of what NFT is the oldest. Of course, this ultimately comes down to what counts as an “NFT.”

But it’s noteworthy that ENS names, which are literally NFTs, launched not only before the ERC721 NFT standard existed but even before CryptoPunks (on which the ERC721 standard was based and which is often considered the “first” NFTs).

We made a tool that let’s you look up when your ENS name was created so you can check whether it was “pre-Punks” or not.

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Renewing all your .ETH names at once

.ETH names on ENS have a cost scaled to time held. You can think of it as “annual renewal fees” but that’s a bit misleading since you can actually renew for single months at a time, and you can also pay ahead for as many registration years as you want, e.g. you could pay once to have a name registered for 100 years and then forget about it for 100 years.

If you have a bunch of .ETH names you need to add registration years to

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