+250 Integrations, Record Growth in June, Sign-In with Ethereum, We're Still Hiring, & More

June was a record month!

The markets may have been down in June, but not ENS:

  • There were more than 31k new .ETH registrations in June, nearly 3x the number in May

  • ENS blew past the 250 milestone for integrations, now at 253

  • ENS remains dominant on OpenSea for domain trading, 7x as much as *all others combined* (note DCL names are on ENS)

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with Ethereum

Web3 is a new account model for the Internet. You authenticate with your Ethereum account (sign a message with your private key) and use your ENS name as your portable web3 username.

This is already used throughout the web3 ecosystem. Brantly from the ENS team explains what’s going on, why it matters, and how it could spread to web2.

We’ll also be looking for someone to help standardize what people are already doing to make it easier for web2 services to adopt, so stay tuned.

ENS Grants

ENS donated 180 ETH (worth ~$700,000 at the time of the donation) to Gitcoin Grants. This ETH will be dispersed to grantees that have ENS integrated over the course of the next few grants rounds. You can see the donation on Etherscan here. The donation came from the ENS Multisig, a 4-of-7 multisig with Ethereum community members as key holders, and the ETH came from .ETH name registrations and renewals.

ENS is a public good, and the organization that manages it, True Names LTD, is a non-profit. It’s always been our plan that if funds raised from .ETH name registrations and renewals surpassed the needs of ENS development, we would give back to the Ethereum community.

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Key Twitter threads on ENS

Pplpleasr NFT Giveaway

The ENS-themed pplpleasr NFT giveaway was a success! You can watch the live raffle of the 100 editions here, and learn more about what was going on here. One has already been sold in OpenSea for 7 ETH.

Here’s the piece below, named “resolver.addr”:

New Hires - and Still Hiring

Last month, we announced three new hires: Kevin Gaspar (aka the ENS Fairy) as Support Lead, Leon Talbert as a Front-end Developer, and Richard Moore (aka RicMoo, of ethers.js) as a Solidity Developer.

And we just recently hired Muhammed Tanrıkulu as a Full Stack Developer.

We’re still looking for a Governance Lead and Integrations Lead.

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