150 Integrations, Translating the Manager, and More


ENS just hit a major milestone: it is now integrated in *150* services!

This is a big milestone for the project, to say the least. To put this in perspective, a year ago ENS was integrated in just 28 services. That means 122 services have integrated ENS in the last year.

We don’t pay services to integrate or even help with most integrations, and in fact the majority of these services integrated ENS without us talking to them; they simply integrated ENS and we found out about them later.

Our goal is for users to never have to see or enter cryptocurrency addresses or content hashes. If Ethereum and cryptocurrency are going to go mainstream, this has to be the case. ENS is the standard decentralized naming solution with the widest ecosystem support by a long shot.

What made things take off? It’s hard to know for sure, but ENS has had some major improvements in the last year or so, which we explain in greater detail in our full Medium post about the milestone.

Translating the Manager

We recently added a framework to translate the ENS Manager into other languages. Until recently, it was only in English, but inspired by a grassroots effort to translate everything ENS-related into Chinese, we added the new language tool.

So far, we have Chinese, Japanese, and German, with several other translations in the works. If you’re a native speaker of a non-English language, we’d love your help.


We were a prize sponsor at the recent ETHGlobal online hackathon HackMoney. We received the most submissions we’ve ever gotten from a hackathon, with lots of really high quality projects!

Our prize winners included a private transactions project, a VS code extension, a Telegram bot, and more. You can read about all the winners in our post about the hackathon.

Renew your names

If you registered a .ETH name back with the old auction system before May 2019, or with the new instant registration system in May 2019, that name needs to be renewed or else you will lose it by August 2nd.

To learn more: