$100k Bug Bounty, 100k Wallets, Blocknative Integration, EthCC, and More

$100k Bug Bounty

ENS now has a bug bounty, with awards of up to $100k! Full details here.

While the bounty applies to all the code listed in the bug bounty doc, here are three things we are particularly interested in having checked right now: this, this, and this.

100k Wallets

There are now more than 100k Ethereum accounts that own at least one ENS name. You can see the latest stats for yourself on Dune Analytics.

Blocknative Integration

Blocknative recently added ENS username support to their popular Onboard product. Onboard is used by lots of top dapps for managing the process by which users connect their wallets.

Now those dapps can choose to grab the user’s ENS name from their reverse record, as well as the avatar in their ENS name’s avatar text record, and display both as the user’s username and profile pic. You can read more about it here.

EthCC 2021

ENS dev Makoto Inoue attended and presented at EthCC this month. In his post-conference write-up, he talks about how ENS was mentioned in lots of people’s presentations (including Vitalik’s!), and he shares his slides and a video of his presentation on ENS and L2s.

with Ethereum RFP deadline extended by two weeks

ETHVR Summer 2021

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